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A Great Hollywood Actor Robin Williams Dealing With Dyslexia

Every day you may come across different stories about people who have battled major dyslexia and are now some of the world’s greatest achievers. Today, we will share with you the story of a legend known for his goofy acting and humorous qualities. 

Robin Williams was one of Hollywood’s greatest actors who brought comic relief through his outstanding acting skills, no matter how serious/tragic the film was. You can even find more about Robin Williamss nature qualities on various internet sources.

He was a self-made actor who struggled with dyslexia and depression all his life. Despite that, he still managed to pull his way through and blessed the world with one of the greatest comedian actors. You may have witnessed Robin Williams acting in a few blockbuster movies like ‘Dead Poets Society,’ ‘Night at the Museum,’ and many more Hollywood movies. 

Early Years of Struggle 

Just like many dyslexic individuals, Robin Williams discovered his traits of dyslexia in his school years. Your early school years are when you start understanding yourself and the level of your success and failure in coping in school. This period enables you to identify whether you’re an underachiever or an overachiever. 

An overachieving student who feels like he/she is more likely to pull off their school years naturally develops a positive image and stays motivated. A student who faces difficulty from the start will try his/her best to get to the point of his other peers. However, it’s different for students with dyslexia. 

A dyslexic student who successfully performs well puts his/her success onto their luck. In contrast, one who fails is most likely to consider themselves as dumb. This is how Robin Williams felt when he discovered he had dyslexia. However, he managed to overcome his feelings of self-doubt, and all his co-stars and fans are big witnesses to that.