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Advantage of Metal Roofing System

For many homeowners I spoke to, the term "metal roof" conjures images of rusty sheet metal dangerously sticking to a rotting shed. Unsurprisingly, they couldn't imagine why I would recommend a metal roof or why a homeowner would seriously consider it.

The truth about modern metal roofing systems is of course very different. First, while sheet metal can make a great roof for a shed, it's not a good choice for homes. I installed steel tile or concrete faced panels.They come in a variety of styles and colors. But that's where the similarities end. Metal roofing has many advantages over other materials. 

One roof, two jobs

Any roof has two important jobs: one, to protects from the outside climate elements, and most roofing systems will do that for as long as they last, provided they were installed correctly from the start. Another task of a roof system that is becoming increasingly important with rising energy costs is saving energy at home.

It is the summer months that really set one roofing system apart from another. Many traditional roofing materials lie flat on the roof and conduct solar heat directly to the walls below and eventually to the attic, where it can increase the temperature in the home, making your central air conditioning system work harder to keep your home comfortable. 

Most metal tiles are designed to provide an insulating space between the roofing material and the walls underneath. The difference between your convenience and your electricity bill is significant. This is the same principle as the insulating air chamber inside a double-glazed window. 

By creating a barrier between the outside and the inside, the effect of hot and cold weather on your indoor environment is significantly reduced.

Materials for green roof

Another important advantage that metal roofing has over more traditional materials is that it is less harmful to the environment. The most common roofing material – asphalt tile – is based on petroleum. So the production of this shingle contributes to the negative environmental impact of oil extraction and refining. 

At the end of their service life (about 17 years on average),they end up in landfills along with millions of tons of other scrap asphalt sheets, where they take decades to decompose. A steel roof, on the other hand, will likely be the last roof you need, so it won't contribute to landfill problems. And if the steel roof needs to be removed, the steel can often be recycled.