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All You Need To Know About Global Leadership Foundation

The Global Leadership Foundation (GLF) is a non-governmental, non-profit, organization composed of a network of former heads of state and other prominent leaders (GLF members) who seek to help developing countries improve governance, strengthen democratic organizations, and resolve conflicts. 

The organization does this by matching GLF members to advise on secret partnerships to current leaders working for peace, democracy and development. The Global Leadership Foundation is active worldwide at the invitation of heads of government and works in secret. You can contact the global leadership foundation to donate money in South Africa.

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The Global Leadership Foundation (GLF) was founded by FW de Klerk in 2004 as a network of former national leaders to advise emerging democracies on governance and stability. The GLF works secretly on political matters with these leaders. The original members were Vaclav Havel, Kat Masire and Anibal Cavaco Silva.

Democratic organizations, effective governance and transition from authoritarian rule Effective election administration Regional and national security Political reconciliation and implementation of international agreements Combating armed resistance and terrorist organizations resource management, economic reform, and trade Access to humanitarian assistance

In addition to providing direct but thoughtful advice on an evolving range of issues to serve national leaders, the GLF is committed to:

Active discussion of important global issues Proactive consideration of national crisis situations with international implications Dialogue with heads of important multilateral institutions International conferences on topical issues Consultation and work with unanimous organizations.