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Bed Bugs – Get Rid of Them

Bugs have been associated with man since antiquity. They are found in almost every corner of the globe and Singapore is not an exception to the list. Adult bed bugs can subsist without food for months under favourable conditions.

Bed bugs usually enter a premise through travelling bags, laundry, furniture, bedding, soiled clothing, and infested household goods. You can find bed bug bite treatments via various online resources.

Bed bug on a mattress

Hiding in cracks and crevices during the day, they become active during the night and come out of their hiding places to feed on hosts and engorge their skin completely in 3-6 min. They only feed on human blood and their bites may lead to severe itching, skin infections and allergies.

If you suspect the little pests in your home, then you need to hire a bed bug control service immediately. They may travel long distances to suck blood. They are gregarious and live in colonies. It is important to consider that all life stages of bed bugs and their parasites thrive on human blood.

Identifying fleas

An effective method to identify the possibility of bed bug infestation in your home is to look for physical signs. Look for the following signs when cleaning, changing beds, or stay away from home.