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Best Type Of Performance Exhaust System

Generally, there are three different types of aftermarket exhaust systems. More precisely, they differ by how much of the exhaust system you replace or improve.

The best type of performance exhaust system from is the header-back. This means that the system completely replaces the factory system from the header to the back of the vehicle.

Exhaust manufacturers can make more significant gains in power and torque. However, header-back exhausts are also the most expensive of the bunch.

If you only want a slight increase in power and better sound, a cat-back exhaust might be a better choice. These exhausts only replace the stock piping that goes from the catalytic converter to the back of the car.

Obviously, they don’t add as much power to your vehicle, with the difference often being negligible. However, some cat-back systems sound very good and if that’s what you’re looking for, then go for them!

For people that are very tight on budget, there is an even simpler solution. The axle-back exhaust only replaces the piping from the rear axle to the back of the car, and the muffler. These systems won’t improve power much but may add noise. The positive aspect of axle-back exhaust systems is that they are pretty inexpensive these days.

You can also replace only the exhaust system tips. They are generally meant to improve the looks of your car and won’t do much in the performance department.