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Brief Introduction About LED Display

The LED display is a video display that uses LEDs. In the '90s, they emerged as a new type of flat panel display. Due to the advantages of LEDs such as high brightness, clear image, and easy operation, LEDs are widely used in public places such as convention centers, stadiums, stock exchanges, and airports to display a lot of information.

LED screen classification and difference:

Due to the difference in control signals: synchronous and asynchronous LED display, users can edit content and then send it to the screen and work independently without the host computer in asynchronous LED display, while synchronous is not. You can also browse https:/ to buy the best-led display screen.

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According to the color difference: singer color, two-tone and full color. Monochrome LED displays mainly include indoor monochrome LED displays and outdoor monochrome LED displays. The difference between them is mainly in the number of colors and the composition of the paint.

At the same time, there is a problem with the LED screen. In general, when processing the strength of the text field, the first test did not pass.

It makes sense that the LED display should have the appropriate resolution. Manufacturers need to take this into account and there is no other good way to avoid it.

When purchasing LED items, it is very important to consider that the brightness and display resolution required by the manufacturer will decrease by about 20% after a few months of operation.