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Buy Tents From Army Surplus Stores

One piece of camping equipment that is important is a tent. Tents provide homes far from home. There is something instinctive about having a roof above your head. Even if you prefer to sleep under the stars, love to know that you can take refuge if there is an annoying rain or insect. You can find tents in various ranges, but army surplus tents on offer are the best to buy.

Tents come in all shapes and sizes. Try to determine whether you only need a small tent that can load several people or if your needs are running more towards the 10-person tent. Borrowing tents from friends or family can help you find out if you really want a tent, and what your tents need may be. 

By doing some research, you can find some good sales. A good tip is trying to see the end of the season or even off the season when the surplus store tries to change inventory. Many times you can find discontinued ones that are perfectly good, but at a great discount. 

Also keep in mind that if parts, such as poles or stakes, are missing, they can be replaced at most outdoor stores. Military surplus stores are good sources to buy tents and their equipment.