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Buy The Best Oriental Area Rugs Online

Antique carpets and vintage rugs are often not only lovely but are also a piece of history. This is why so many antique rug dealers and collectors seek out specific designs or types, such as antique Oushak rugs for their collections. However, antique rugs can be rather expensive and are often difficult to find, especially when searching for one with particular qualities. If a vintage rug cannot be found to suit the space, designers should consider looking for antique rug designs in new carpets.

Here are some tips you can follow that will help you make a difference. You can check out Rugs2 Go for acquiring the best rug designing services.

Follow this step by step guide to determine if you have a piece of handmade or machine made carpets.


1. Look at the back of the carpet in weaving. Look for white or red or blue horizontal (to the suburbs) foundation yarn line. These threads are called the weft. You may see a partial weft will be only an inch or so, and then closed by knots of wool, but it is important that this thread horizontally to the periphery.  

2. Look for any unevenness in the colored knots on the back of the carpet. You may notice some areas a little thicker than the others.

3. Now look at the front of the carpet. Look carefully design. Very rarely will design exactly the same size and shape from one end to the carpet. This applies especially in the older Oriental rugs.