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Can running shoes help prevent an overuse injury?

The key intent behind a jogger having proper running footwear is to try to help prevent injuries and help them run more rapidly. The use of an inappropriate running shoe for a runner is regarded as to increase the risk for an injury and make the running less economical. Whereas if the most suitable running shoe was used then there is a lower chance for an exercise related injury and also the runner is more economical in how they run. There is a lot of dialogue if the running shoe really does actually reach that goal or not. There's not a great deal of proof to back up that and what little science there exists signifies that it may not be an accurate assumption that the running shoes will be able to prevent exercise related injury. Different running shoe brands have handled the issue or concern diversely with each company offering up several techniques with various amounts of results. There is an really broad range of running footwear in the marketplace, with each and every brand and model having various design characteristics which the running footwear retailer should probably match all of them up to the needs of the individual athlete.

About a year ago, Nike revealed the new Nike React Infinity running footwear with the strong promises that it will minimize running injury by 52% and they also had research to back that claim up. You need to be careful making these kinds of health claims about running shoes as they possibly can be and have been the reason behind legal action as well as settlements with the regulatory authorities in the past. As of writing this, the study that backs up the promise is not released for expert critique and all that is available is an abstract of the outcomes of the study. The research was done by a university for Nike. The research separated 226 athletes spanning various ages and abilities in to two different groups as they had been training for a half marathon. Half of the athletes ran in the Nike Structure which is a conventional motion control running footwear and the other half ran in the new Nike React Infinity Run running shoe. The outcomes showed that runners wearing the React Infinity had a 52 percent lower exercise related injury incidence than those using the other running footwear. The users of the React Infinity in addition noted that they experienced less pain within their knees and also the feet from the running. These outcomes look promising, though the research ought to be put under more analysis prior to it being blindly believed.

All of these concerns are regularly challenged and litigated in many different places. An episode of the podiatry chat, Pod Chat Live has been devoted to the above issues. In this episode the 2 hosts (both runners) discussed the subject with Michael Nitschke who's a podiatric doctor, a great runner as well as a running coach. In a thread on the message board, Podiatry Arena, there is lots of discourse around the Nike statements regarding their Nike react decreasing running injury rates. Due to the number of different perspectives and viewpoints this is an matter that is not going to be settled anytime soon.