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Caption And Delivery Captions For Superyacht Owners

Hire a captain for your super yacht; Whether for delivery or full-time, one of the most basic decisions about running your superyacht and the experience you will gain is one of the most fundamental.


Your captain holds a position of primary authority over the operation and safety of your superyacht. He monitors the crew on board, is responsible for your wishes and for the safety of your passengers. You can get expert captain services from yacht service providers in Palm beach. If you are looking for the best palm beach yacht services visit

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As captain, the support and skills of the cruise ship crew are critical to the success of the operation as the captain is responsible for ensuring proper management. financial and operational, including fuel requirements, government administration, maintenance, site planning, communications and timing.

Shipping master:

A shipping captain is hired for the cruise ship delivery time. This usually begins in the pre-shipment inspection phase and ends with the successful delivery of your superyacht to the desired delivery point.

After a pre-shipment inspection, the captain of the shipping yacht will prepare full preparations for the trip before departure. After delivery, the captain of the ship must provide a comprehensive delivery report on the delivery of the yacht

Super yacht captain role:

Your captain is responsible for the following:

  • to sketch a route
  • Monitor weather conditions
  • manages all employees and is responsible for the personal safety of everyone on board
  • maintain ship certificates and complete all documentation to comply with customs and immigration laws
  • responsible for the cleanliness and fitness of the ship
  • Financial responsibility is on board during the delivery time