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Caring for Swimming Pools During the Winter

If you're one of the many people who don't use their pool unless the weather is warm, it can be very easy to neglect maintenance during the colder months. However, it's very important to remember to follow a few simple steps to ensure your backyard oasis is in good shape when you're ready to dive in again.

For above-ground pools, check the cable cover regularly to keep it safe. If the cover comes off, it can slide into the water. Also, check the airbags to see if they are still inflated. Switch to another one when it starts to stumble. This is very important because airbags are designed to protect pool walls from cracking when water freezes and expands.

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Also, be sure to regularly vacuum or pump rainwater from the cover during winter and remove any fallen leaves that may have accumulated. Water and excess weight can cause the lid to crack or collapse. Also, if the lining leaks, you can lose a lot of water.

Owners of underground pools who use water pipe covers need to replace pipes that can burst in cold weather. These tubes are important because they hold the cap securely. To avoid having to go to the store during the holidays, buy a few extras and keep them close at hand.

Never use heavy objects such as bricks or cinder blocks to hold the lid in place. If for some reason the lid breaks and slides into the water, these heavier items can cause a lot of damage.