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Causes And Treatment Procedures for Lower Back Pain

Have you been suffering from lower back pain and have tried out everything that's possible either through medicine or by exercising to eliminate that pain which has been bothering you for sometime now? 

It is time that you met your physician to find out the cause for your lower back pain. It is not easy to find out what exactly is causing the pain as an X-ray or MRI scan is not effective in showing up the problem. It could be due to a small misalignment of a spinal bone which is causing back spine and goes undetected.

A series of tests is done by the physician to get rid of potential causes for the pain in the lower back. The physician would control your leg movements to observe the amount of the pain which can result in other areas of the body too. 

Just about everyone is familiar with the reflex test while the doctor may also do some other unknown evaluations. Further tests are determined by the doctor after he or she feels a need for one to determine the exact cause for back pain.

The physician can also use high tech gadgets for testing which will offer a detailed report about the spine and its surrounding muscles and ligaments and any issues related to them. X-rays do not help to recognize the pain which may be due to damage to muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve in your spine.