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Dangers Of Using Crack Cocaine By Bipolar Patients

To increase the potency and become addictive, the producers tried mixing it with baking powder and ammonia along with various other chemical substances. According to a study conducted by the Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland, this type of cocaine may be more harmful than powdered cocaine due to the force that it reaches the brain.

It is a sad fact that many people who suffer from bipolar disorder (BD) self-medicate by using crack cocaine rehab and other illegal drugs. Although these substances may temporarily create euphoria, however, the crash that is caused by a combination of both is as swift. 

The use of any medication that causes bipolar can undermine the treatment. People who are bipolar suffer from cyclical variations in moods, which range from depression to hypomania or mania and back. While advances in the field of VR and engineered medications have ensured that many people suffering from bipolar disorder don't suffer from these extreme disorders, however, many still turn to medications to relieve the suffering. 

Substance abuse and mental health both can be a source of stress since the people who suffer from mental illness don't realize that they're using alcohol or drugs to get rid of their mental problems. 

Although the two issues may seem different from one another in reality, they are closely linked with those suffering from mental illness as well as addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Therefore, patients with psychiatric disorders have higher chances of recovery if they avoid their addictive behaviors. A variety of drugs are able to help control mood swings, so it is not necessary to take refuge in illegal substances to relax and feel happy.