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Designed to Fit – Folding Tables for Any Space


The folding table can be an integral part of an elegant room design. the folding tables offer significant advantages over stationary furniture in terms of portability, as they are easy to carry and store and have a long service life with their chipboard and durable steel construction.

Portable Folding Tables - Ideas on Foter

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Designed for use

There are a variety of folding table designs, adapted for a variety of potential uses. Twofold table attributes influence usage:

Width and shape The folding exercise table is narrower, only for sitting on one side. This allows people to easily see the front of the room. Folding table for lower common seating, with seating on either side or all around.

Foot position Different foot shapes on the table to suit different seating arrangements. Tables with C legs allow the chair to be pulled up because it has a bar under the tabletop and as a base, with the feet on one side so that the base forms a C. Some seminar tables place the feet at these corners allowing people to sit at the end of the table.

Stylish advantages

The greatest asset of the folding table is its flexibility – portability, different styles and functions. Folding tables combine functionality, variability and modern design for every room and event in a unique way – and thus ensure user-friendliness and style.

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