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Grow Cannabis Plant With Strong Roots

Cannabis plants are reliant on their surroundings for energy and materials. These main inputs, recognized as the limiting factors, make photosynthesis and therefore plant development.  

The limiting factors are carbon dioxide, light, water, nutrients, and temperature. The other critical limiting factor is O2 too.  You can also look for a greenhouse automation commercial grows room setup  if you are a commercial cannabis grower.

Aerobic respiration requires oxygen from all living plant tissues. This means everything from the bottom of the root to the top of the shoot.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis roots uncovered

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When oxygen is limited, the plant's respiratory rate decreases. Even though oxygen could theoretically be a limiting factor in stems, flowers, and leaves, it is nearly not possible. Oxygen in the root area of the plant occurs when oxygen uptake by plant roots precedes oxygen exchange.

Plants have three sources of oxygen:

Oxygen is released during photosynthesis but remains in the plant structure

Oxygen in the atmosphere

Oxygen dissolved in water, which is absorbed by roots

The cannabis plant is terrestrial, meaning its roots roam the soil or any growing environment. Underground roots do not see daylight and therefore do not have access to atmospheric oxygen.

There is a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere, about 21% oxygen. The source of oxygen to the roots is through diffusion into the root zone.