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Hinduism Through Its scriptures

There is no doubt that Hinduism began in India, as evidenced by many historical records and mining sites. It is difficult to tell when Hinduism started. Hinduism is unlike other religions since there is no evidence of a special author with this faith. In reality, nearly all of its associates, research Hinduism not only as a religion but as the "purpose of life".

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Before going to learn about Hinduism and when it originated, first, you should have a brief idea about what it actually means. Hinduism is rated to be the world's oldest faith, with infinite followers. which makes it the third-largest religion in the world. It's a stable conglomeration of cultural, philosophical, and spiritual practices and thoughts of Indian civilization. Through time, this religion has grown largely and devoted to changes in traditions and practices, but its basic meaning remains the same.

It would be right to say that modern Hinduism is largely based upon the Vedas. As per the historical symbols, the Neolithic age lasted for about 4000 B.C. Customs like burying or cremation of the dead bodies was followed closely by the Neolithic men and women. So based on those details, it may be assumed that the origin of Hinduism stays unknown, but it is a part of Neolithic (beginning period of human culture) culture.