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How to Get That Perfect Glow on Your Wedding Day

It's your day! With all eyes on you, you want to look flawless on your wedding day. Planning the perfect wedding can be stressful and stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Developing and committing to a beauty regimen early on can help ensure that your skin glows when your big day comes.

You should consider getting regular facials. Deep cleansing of the skin will help prevent breakouts before they have a chance to start. Six months before your wedding day,  schedule wedding facial for bride with an expert esthetician. Between appointments, make sure you're cleaning, toning, and hydrating your skin (especially during winter). Planning will save you from the emergency skin treatments closest to your wedding day; nobody needs it.

If regular trips to the salon are not in your budget, you can get a facial at home. To get the best facial at home, follow these steps:

Cleaning: Remove all makeup and then rub all areas of the face and neck with a good cleanser and warm water. Use circular motions with a washcloth for complete cleaning.

Rinse and hydrate: Wipe your mark with a warm, wet towel, paying special attention to areas where the mask might hide (nose and hairline). Once you've completely removed the mask, apply a thick, creamy facial moisturizer to your entire face, neck, and chest.

Facials are the best way to cleanse your face and relax, two things that I'm sure you'll need before your wedding. Another great way to give yourself a healthy glow is to get a tan.

You don't have to expose your freshly cleansed skin to harmful UVB rays for a healthy glow. Many tanning salons offer lotions, spray bronzers, and airbrush bronzers. Using a tanning solution will give you the same results as the sun without all the harmful side effects. You should start tanning one month before your wedding date.