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How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms are a magic mushroom grower’s dream because of the strength and weight of their fruiting bodies. However, there are pros that come with growing penile enema fungus, like anything really. Penis envy shrooms have a pen percentage of about half that of other types of magic mushrooms. You also need special conditions for the incubation phase. 

The Penis Envy strain tends to clean the substrate much more easily than other strains. This prevents the manufacturer from having to destroy the shell or substrate when producing large currents. 

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While this type of mushroom can be grown on a birthday cake, it is best used in bulk. The growth parameters are the same as for P. cubensis, but the harvest may be slightly different. Unlike other strains, when Envy Mushroom’s Penis caps take off their hoods, they are not ready to collect. After tearing the casing on ripe mushrooms, we recommend a waiting period of 3 to 5 days.

Although its origin is still a mystery, it turns out that there are several types of envious mushrooms that can be cultivated today. Again, take legal action and depend on the area you live in. There are several mycologists and geneticists who have isolated the Penis Envy culture since the late 1970s with Stephen Pollock. 

This results in several different sub-options such as Albino Penis Envy (Albino PF x Penis Envy Cross), Penis Envy #6 (Mutation), Texas Penis Envy (Texas Orange Caps x Penis Envy Cross), Penis Envy Uncut (Mutation, and Trans Envy (Transkei x Penis Envy) Cross). 

It is important to remember that the potency of all Penis Envy Mushroom strains is consistently higher than that of other Psilocybe Cubensis strains.