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How to Order Southwest Meal Prep When You’re Trying to Be Healthy

One of the best ways to feel great and stay healthy is by eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet. There are many diets out there, but a healthy eating plan is something that everyone can follow. By sticking to these guidelines, you can ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs while maintaining a healthy weight.

No matter how you eat, you need some type of protein. Protein is an important component of your body that is used to build and repair tissues and make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. There are different ways to get protein, and chicken is one of them.

Dining in at home with your favourite grilled chicken meal prep? Our simple tips will help you make healthier choices when ordering out.

  • Check online

Some menus have symbols or designations to let you know which options are healthier. Or you can look for nutritional information (if provided) on the restaurant’s website.

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  • Ask for help

If you can’t figure out what’s in a menu item or if you want to learn more about it, just ask! Restaurant staff can help you navigate the menu and tell you about ingredients, preparation methods or substitutions.

  • Half now, half later

Is portion size too big? Try saving half of your food for another meal.

  • Sauce on the side

When in doubt, ask for dressings and sauces on the side. You’ll control how much you add to your food.