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How to Protect Your Children From Coronavirus?

2020 had been quite a year. With strict lockdowns and people living in isolation, it has felt like a scene in a movie. It, indeed, took everyone by surprise. Everything about 2020 had been unexpected.

It was observed that children were at a lower risk than adults, but still, there had been deaths of young children as well.

We will list down a few ways that you can use to protect your child from Coronavirus:

  • Wearing Mask

Make sure that your child wears a mask in the house and in public. Ensure they are wearing the mask in the correct manner. The types of mask your child can wear are those that fit them perfectly, those which are made from breathable fabric so that breathing won’t be difficult-also, those which have two to three layers. You can order light blue premium non-medical mask via

light blue premium non medical mask

  • Hand washing

It’s said that pushing children wash their hands with soaps for at least 20 seconds can really make things less scary for them. There is a proper way to wash your hands. First, wet your hands with water and then apply soap covering all the surfaces.

Then rub and scrub your hands everywhere. Wash the back and the front of your hands and also in between your fingers. After you have finished this process, rinse your hands with water and dry them using a dry towel. In case if the soap isn’t available, use hand sanitiser, which contains 60% alcohol. Children should be supervised when using hand sanitiser.

Wash your hands before preparing food for your children, handling them, and breastfeeding an infant. Wash them when you reach home from being outside so that you are not bringing any germs inside.

  • Maintain a distance

Ensure that your child is at a 6 feet distance from you and everyone else. Even in public make they stand at a distance from other people. Avoid living or physically contacting the people who are sick. Your child can easily take the virus from them.

  • Coughs and sneezes should be covered

It was prescribed not to sneeze in your hand when you don’t have a tissue with you; instead, sneeze in your elbow. Make sure your child covers their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. And after this, take them to wash their hands properly.

  • Flu vaccine

If your child is six months or older, then according to the CDC, get them a flu vaccine each year. Due to the flu vaccine, there are fewer chances of your child getting sick and then hospitalized. You and your family can also get a flu vaccine, which will help prevent you from spreading the sickness to other people-especially babies who can catch the severe flu from adults because of their weak immune system and vulnerability.

And in the season of Coronavirus, getting a flu vaccine can come off as a benefit since flu is a symptom of Coronavirus.

  • Keep your surroundings clean

Another way to protect your child from Coronavirus is to keep your house and surroundings clean. Make sure that things people touch are cleaned after being touched. Things such as cell phones, doorknobs; clean them properly every time a person touches them.

  • Isolation

If you have caught any symptoms of coronavirus, then isolate yourself from the children. Try to limit your contact with your children and make sure they are protected.

  • Staying inside

Don’t let them go outside to play much. You wouldn’t know when and how they would have caught coronavirus from someone. Make staying at home easy for them. Arrange board games so that they don’t get bored.

With the virus still going on, ensure that you and your children are safe. Not just health-wise but also mentally because we all know this pandemic situation has increased the stress levels in everyone. Staying at home can be challenging and especially in such a situation where the death rate is increasing, and everything is simply not going back to normal.

Make sure they are coping well in this situation.