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How To Save Damaged Hair?

Hair is an important physical aspect for every man or woman. Different hairstyles and haircuts can make us look good, bad or ugly. The thickness, quality and color of our hair also depends on many factors related to health and cosmetic therapy. 

Caring for hair should be a daily ritual, not just once a year. Once damaged hair takes a long time to grow back and regain its shine and texture. Using a good blight hair shampoo and conditioner is the basis of hair care. Now we will talk about the main things that can cause hair breakage.

Hair is available in a variety of textures from fine to coarse. Damage can be caused by chemicals, excessive heat from drying, or even split ends and blisters. Scalp problems, such as sebum that produces excess oil, make hair look and feel very greasy.  Damaged hair is usually hair caused by internal or external factors which can be repaired by changing routines or habits. 

Caffeine:- Drinking coffee in excess causes withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and shaking hands if caffeine is not consumed at a certain time. Caffeine from coffee or soda is bad for your health and hair, so it's time to give up.

Bad diet:- An unbalanced diet low in fruits and vegetables causes hair to grow more slowly. The growth of the -keratin shaft, which is made up of hair, depends on good scalp circulation and healthy, oxygenated blood. Food intake has a significant impact on these factors

Your hair will be as healthy as your lifestyle if you choose to do it that way. With a proper diet and plenty of sleep, your hair should be normal. Smoking and drinking should be avoided at all times. 

Be aware of problems of hair loss or damage at an early stage so that the necessary attention can be given immediately. Your hair is part of your regular beauty routine, so take care of it regularly.