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Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance consists of two important terms, namely prevention and maintenance. How to prevent and care means maintenance and repair. Both of them together implies regular repairs and maintenance to prevent serious damage. Preventive maintenance is not limited to several things, this is a broader term applied to home maintenance, maintenance of equipment, cars, and even people and their bodies.

Maintaining things is the best way to prevent them from big damage. Sometimes this term is misunderstood by people because they think it means promising the right body function for an unlimited time. You can consider the best services of preventive maintenance via

Fundamental destination

John M. Gross in his book "Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance" states that the main purpose of P. M is to provide prevention of system failure. We can consider it as preventive maintenance to help increase the life of the system through precautions. 

Industry and infrastructure

P. M S is very helpful in the industrial sector. This helps to store records of the condition of machines and other equipment. Daily maintenance or inspection gives you a better idea about the factors that destruct and routine maintenance will save you. Replacing industrial equipment is clearly an expensive task and a lot of time-consuming and fixing it will not only save your time but also a large replacement cost.

Home maintenance

Home is a place to give you shelter and the warmth of the family environment. P. M keeps you and your home far from large damage and expensive repairs. Check the roof regularly and especially before winter to avoid leaks and other damage, clean the chimney to remain in working conditions before winter, and maintain the entrance for cracks, and other wear is part of preventive maintenance.


Your vehicle also needs P. M to provide better gas performance and distance. Check the cooling level, brake liquid or regular transmission fluid level, tire pressure, and tread quality on them, and replacing the old and damaged oil filter and air can make your engine run smoothly and for a longer time span.