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Is Exterior Wood Restoration Becoming an Extinct?

Exterior wood restoration is a service that is disappearing. Instead of returning wood, many contractors and homeowners simply "paint" the natural beauty of wood or just "clean" wood. You can look at “Wood architecture + design AS” (which is also known as ” Wood arkitektur + design AS” in the Norwegian language) for exterior and interior wood renovation services.

We already live in a culture where everyone wants to be simple. The first thing about real outdoor wood restoration is not easy. This service can be included and requires a lot of work and professional processing. 

The method of manual wood restoration that uses a pressure washer as a dishwasher and the restoration of media or blasting products is far more complex than simply painting the surface or cleaning with many modern methods that can cause significant damage and premature degradation of wood. 

Another element that needs to be understood is that maintaining wooden structures such as decks, wood with houses, or expensive wooden huts. The good thing about wood restoration is that the wood is worn and can be cleaned and closed again.

If you paint on the surface, you lose the image of wood and cover the grain, beauty, and nature of wood. If this happens from time to time, wood decay, improper surface preparation, moisture, or other reasons, you will have an unpleasant appearance in terms of appearance.