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Is Hypnobirthing A Way To Painless Childbirth?

The method of HypnoBirthing gaining ground in the education delivery sector. The principles of this method are not a new brand, but in western society so dependent on drugs against pain and technology, it sometimes takes a while to pay attention to old ideas.

HypnoBirthing audiobooks teaches the mother to release all old ideas related to the thought of traditional childbirth. To get more details about hypnobirthing audiobooks you may check it here.


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This means fearing childbirth because of the pain involved, but it need not be this way. We associated the pain with childbirth because we are not educated about it, which leads to fear.

Fear creates a tension that makes the contract uterine muscles resulting in pain in the delivery process. Therefore, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that childbirth is painful.

HypnoBirthing audiobooks teaches the mother to think about a whole new way with a set of state vocabulary. It is not called a delivery process or labor, but a birthing process. Women do not have contractions but surges.

Women breathe down the baby and do not push the baby. The idea is that if we connect more positively to the calving process, it will create a better state of being for the mother.

In a deeply relaxed state of mind, a woman can produce natural endorphins it needs to the baby instead of relying on drugs that are not good for herself or her baby.