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June Birthstone – Pleasing Pearl

Stone of unsurpassed beauty and elegance, pearls are fire and even an obsession of people throughout the ages. They've been ground up and used in cosmetics and as a medicine to treat stomach and heart conditions.

Some civilizations swear by pearls as an aphrodisiac. They continue to be regarded as a sign of taste and refinement and a sign of purity, and they're generally given to celebrate a marriage or the birth of a child. You can buy birthstones through cwordsworth if needed.

Pearls are nature's ideal gift, appropriate for all ages, and classily worn with everything from denim to an evening gown.

Never try to clean pearls with additives, bleaches, powdered cleansers, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, lemon, vinegar, or even commercial jewelry cleaners, unless the label specifically stipulates that the cleaner is specifically designed for pearls. Ammonia is often present in commercial jewelry cleaners and will irreparably damage pearls.

Never clean pearls with a toothbrush or scouring pad to remove a stubborn bit of dirt – that will scratch them eternally. Rather, rub the pearl with your fingernail to remove the offending post; this won't damage your pearls as fingernails have the same hardness as pearls and will consequently not scratch their face.

Don't store pearls for extended periods at a safe where there's almost no airflow, rather than in a plastic bag where there's simply no air circulation. When pearls aren't being used, put them carefully in lace or chamois leather or suede to maintain their luster.