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Know about Slack and Salesforce Integration

Slack is a team collaboration application that has gained a significant amount of momentum over the last few years. One of the things that sets Slack apart is the simple and powerful way it can integrate with external applications. In this article, we will review three approaches you can use to integrate Slack and Salesforce: Webhooks, Slash Commands, and Bots.

Using Incoming Webhooks, external applications can automatically post messages to Slack channels when specific events under their control occur. You can also visit to get more information about slack salesforce integration process.

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If you use both Slack and Salesforce, this integration makes your life a little bit the simple. By integrating the two, you will have the ability to search for leads, customers, and notes directly on the platform Slack. Just type in one of the three commands to slack to pull information directly from Salesforce:

  • Pipe (number): Show on Salesforce Leads
  • Contact (name): Search for contacts by name
  • Case (subject: description): Make a case of Slack

The easiest way to organize Slack and Salesforce is through market Salesforce, AppExchange. AppExchange enables you to install, create, and publish applications.

  • First, install the Salesforce integration to Slack Slack App Directory.
  • Next, install applications on the AppExchange Slack.
  • Finally, once you've installed the app, click on "Link to Slack" button on every page of Salesforce supported and follow the instructions to connect to the desired channel Slack.