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Life Coaching With A Purpose

What is Life Coaching? I have heard that many times over the last few months. Life Coaching means many different things, to many different people. Life Coaching is moving someone forward in their life. It's about taking future actions to achieve a goal or dream.

t's about transforming into a new person. It's about creating joy. Bottom Line: It's about focusing on where one is going, not where they have been. Transformative Life Coaching is not counseling or therapy.

Even successful people use coaches. Athletes use them all the time. Even Tiger Woods has used a coach, from time to time. That is one reason why they do so well.

Life Coaches, as we are called, ask powerful questions, to find out where a person wants to go. A Life Coach might ask their Client, "What is motivating you to make a change?" or "What are you moving towards?".

Coaching is about outcomes, not past problems, possibilities as opposed to necessities. Coaching is getting the client to focus on their future potential and how to get there. Counseling usually explores past pains and roadblocks in a person's life.

There are several reasons why someone would work with a life coach. Sometimes they don't know what kind of changes need to be made.

They know they are unhappy with where their life is at. Maybe they just need a little push to get started. When we are having difficulties in our lives, it really helps to lean on others, even if we don't know them too well.