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Maintain Workplace Safety Using High-Quality Personal Protective Equipment

Dealing with workplace risks on a daily basis requires the employees to use PPE equipment. They will help you carry on with the work efficiently, eliminating the risk factors and taking care of your safety at the same time.

Under the present circumstances where everyone is struggling with a pandemic, it has become mandatory to use PPE kits such as gloves, masks etc., at workplaces. It will help you to ensure your safety as well as others.

Different types of PPE products and their proper uses:

  • Protective Face masks

It is one of the most commonly used PPE items regularly. The sole purpose of a face mask is to cover your mouth and nose, thus not letting you breathe in the contaminated air while outside.

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It can filter away the fog, dust, fumes, germs, floating allergens, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. There are two major types of face masks- disposable and reusable. The first one is good for one-time use while the latter can be used again after cleaning properly.

safety mask

  • Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are primarily used to kill the germs and harmful microbes effectively. It is a simple soap-free solution made from glycerol, water, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol. Apply a dollop of it on your hands and rub them thoroughly.

There is no need to rinse it with water because it dries out immediately. If you come in contact with a contaminated surface, it is important to use the sanitizer. They are available in pocket-friendly bottles to let the people carry them everywhere.

  • Face Shield

A clear advancement on the face mask, the plastic shield covers your entire face and keeps you absolutely safe from flying debris, harmful particles, toxic gas, fumes and many more. It also offers a clear vision and comes with a hypoallergenic foam band that absorbs the sweat all day long, thus keeping you comfortable. Medical health staff members use this equipment extensively to steer clear of germs, allergens and blood pathogens.

  • Gloves-

Used widely in factories, restaurants and hospitals, the gloves protect you from coming in direct contact with germs and contaminated surfaces. The synthetic sterile material cannot be penetrated easily. As a result of this, it becomes even easier to deal with activities that involve friction wearing these gloves.