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Need to Know More About the Candle Soot

One of the biggest complaints about candles of all kinds is regarding soot that can be produced by them. There are a variety of ways to significantly reduce the amount of soot from your candles also help to burn better. Today I will share some of these tips to burn your candle to help you have a better experience with your candles and save money. Lets first understand what causes soot from a candle flame.

What causes Candle Soot

The Soot of a Soy Candles is caused when there is incomplete combustion of fuel. This can be caused by a number of factors.

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Two such factors are the equilibrium between the wax and wick in the candle and disrupt the flame of a candle. The fuel to the flame of the candle is a liquid wax which is being drawn through the wick.

Once the flame of the candle began to draw candle wax wick liquid, it does at a steady pace. When the flame of the candle is disturbed size flame changes and the amount of fuel used is more consistent. When too much fuel is introduced to the flame, it's not all burnt. Excess fuel is taken out in the form of soot.