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Oktoberfest Festivities Can Mean More with Celebratory Holiday Crafts

Few people are aware of the origin of Oktoberfest and generally just enjoy the large amounts of traditional German food and dark beer consumed during the 16-day celebration. However, history can easily be taught with a few crafts that can be completed in the festivities of the party atmosphere.

The first Oktoberfest was held from October 12-17, 1810 as part of a wedding celebration, culminating in a horse race. One craft in which you can partake to become more involved in the heritage of the holiday is to build a mural of a horse race, using whatever materials are most comfortable for you, whether paints or markers, or even construction paper. Create horses and riders with numbers, a track, and a gate.

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Also, because Oktoberfest is a celebration in which dark German beers play a huge role and are traditional drunk from a one-liter tankard, you can craft decorations for your tankard (called a mass and pronounced moss), even getting creative enough to dress it as a bride or a groom to commemorate the historical value of the holiday as a wedding celebration. You can also decorate the skewers used to hold the Kabobs of various meats (sausage, lamb, etc) that are typical foods of the fare.

Oktoberfest is the biggest celebration in Germany and has spread as an affair to be enjoyed throughout many parts of the world. (Especially in America where any excuse for a party is a top priority.) When including interesting crafts to help make the party greater, the festivities will be incredibly memorable for all involved.