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Options for eBay fulfillment services

Once the stock starts rolling in and orders begin piling up, managing that eBay business can be challenging – especially if you’re selling from home.

Here are the eBay fulfillment services, how they can help you scale, what to look for in a provider, and 3 options to consider for your store. You can also check out here to get more information about eBay fulfillment in Canada.

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     Why use an eBay fulfillment service

An eBay fulfillment service handles the storage, picking, packing, and shipping of your eBay orders for you. But, there are many more reasons to use an eBay fulfillment service, such as faster deliveries, wider coverage, and even cost savings.

     1.Faster delivery

An eBay fulfillment provider has the staff, resources, and expertise to quickly deliver your orders, enabling you to offer customers fast delivery speeds. eBay’s fast shipping program comes with badging that highlights delivery timelines and encourages shoppers through purchase.

     2.Wider coverage

An eBay fulfillment service should have multiple warehouse locations across the country. As you add warehouse locations, you increase your coverage and expand your reach to provide as many shoppers as possible with fast and affordable shipping options. The more places you have inventory in, the shorter the distance your items have to travel to reach your buyers. 

     3.Cost savings

A fulfillment service can leverage the power of bulk buying to access cheaper storage, packaging, and shipping rates, passing these savings onto your business. This is especially useful when looking to offer free shipping to get eBay Fast ‘N Free tags on your listings.