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Parrot Anafi Drone With HDR Camera

Anafi is a new generation of unmanned aircraft. It is the perfect go-to answer for amazing high-quality videos and photos, capturing the best moments in your everyday life. You can see the detailed Parrot Anafi review through

Snap Spectacular 4K HDR videos and 21 MegaPixel photos

Anafi shoots all your adventures in the ultra-high presentation, so you can relive your most mysterious times again and again. It has an integrated camera that offers a stunning 4K HDR video with a bitrate of 100Mbps and sharp 21MP photos.

Parrot Anafi drone 4K camera provides professional-quality video because it uses a 17: 9 video format. HDR improves all details visible by minimizing excessive light, bright, and very dark shadows in your recordings.

Smooth video film using 3-axis image stabilization

Anafi combines mechanical gimbals integrated with ultra-precise digital stabilization for a very smooth shot. The stabilization system secures ultra-smooth video and photos stabilized by reducing vibration and aliasing effects.

Charge your Anafi drone with USB- C charging System 

USB Type-C recharging system reflects the portability of these drones. Charging the drone with a bank smart battery power or with the USB Type-C system charging a smartphone or computer. Anafi is compatible with the charger that charges 60% faster than regular USB 5W-A.