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Rattan Coffee Tables For Every Home

Rattan coffee tables have been a mainstay in the furniture industry for several decades. They are not only practical but beautiful as well. They are the best of both worlds, a good example of quality and practicality rolled into one piece of furniture. This type of coffee table can fit with virtually any decor or color scheme. It just makes sense that the rattan ones are so popular.

You will also see rattan coffee tables made from wicker, which really helps to recreate the tropical ambiance of those beachfront apartments. Wicker is an amalgam of man-made and natural materials and it was originally created to be used as roofing material. It has now become more than that for rattan coffee tables. Today, this rattan material is used for more than outdoor furniture. The wicker coffee tables are most often crafted by hand, which truly says how impressive this thing is.

When looking at rattan coffee tables, you will notice that there are two main types. The first type is the table top design and the other type is the rattan chair. Both designs have a very unique look that is all its own. Each rattan coffee table top is a piece of art that has been carefully hand sewn.

In the case of the table top designs, the base is covered with a felt piece to resemble a table. When you place a glass on top of the base, you have a very unique, very elegant looking piece of furniture that is made especially for the glass surface. There are actually a lot of designs that have this exact effect. For example, if you're looking for a glass coffee table that has a soothing effect on you, then you can definitely find one like that. If you want it to be a little bit more original, you might want to check out the wooden rattan coffee tables.

Another great option finish for rattan coffee tables is wicker. Wicker is known to be very durable and resilient. It is a natural resistant but it can still be repaired and restored to its former beauty. You can use your imagination when it comes to using different wicker colors and the resulting look will certainly be outstanding.

One thing that you will also want to take into consideration when purchasing these products is the weight capacity. Some rattan coffee tables that are manufactured from natural wicker will weigh over 5 pounds. Some that are constructed from natural mango wood are much lighter. The heavier ones are obviously going to be able to handle heavier objects and will probably be best used as side tables or end tables in a conservatory or outdoors. Wicker is known to be very versatile when it comes to usage.

In order for this furniture to have a natural finish, it usually needs to be finished at least fifteen inches high and eight inches wide. For more of an impact, it can be finished with different colors of paints. The paint will also need to cover all the surfaces including the joints between the planks for a smooth and flat finish. Some furniture stores have rattan coffee tables that come in a pre-finished form. All you really have to do is apply the finish and you're done.

There are many other various types of coffee tables with different materials. You can even have them custom built depending on the needs of your home. They measure differently, too. You can get ones that are only six inches wide and others that are wider and longer than that. You will need to measure the surface where you plan to put it for the best fit.