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Rekindle Your Relationship With Mindfulness

In long-term relationships, partners too often stop the behaviors that bind them, not because they stop loving each other, but because they start taking each other for granted. Sensual and satisfying behaviors such as looking deep into the eyes, focused attention on the partner, active listening, relaxing compliments, gifts, etc. are missing.

Mindfulness at Neshima Healing is the practice of awareness in the present moment. Dr. John Gottman, a relationship expert, and researcher describes successful long-term alliances as a "string of pearls" made up of moments of careful attachment and appreciation. The happiest and healthiest couples don't always spend a lot of time talking, but they now have countless opportunities to consciously connect.

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To have a relationship as successful as yours, careful training is beneficial. Thorough learning involves practicing focusing on your breath to calm and experience the moment, and consciously sending compassion to yourself and others.

To maintain a healthy relationship, couples need to develop a habit of loving one another. Just thinking carefully about a loving partner can increase the excitement of the chemical dopamine and lower the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. You get a nice kind of chemical bath.

To maintain a healthy relationship, couples need to make a habit of sharing their love every day. To rekindle your relationship, mindfully pay attention and treat your partner as you treated him/her in the beginning. Don't take him/her for granted and most important: enjoy moments spent together, living it in the present.