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Selecting an Online Construction Management Service

Construction teams today need to do more with less. Many people turn to online construction management software (Web-based) to make faster decisions, reduce costs, and automate documentation in this competitive world.

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The three most important criteria in selecting the software for such purposes are simplicity, focus, affordability.

1) Easy to Use – Software must be simple and intuitive. It should be able to communicate with project teams in the same way they have done for years. It should use familiar formats and presentation methods so field personnel can immediately put it to work, entering information quickly.

2) Focus – Construction project management software should be able to focus on the areas that make the biggest difference, such as routine repetitive tasks like RFIs or CCDs.

This software automates information exchanges that help move projects forward every day. The software can link to or ignore other applications that are less frequently used, such as CPM schedules or CAD drawings.

The first online software attempted to do too many things. Many construction professionals were reluctant to use them because they were too complicated and difficult to use. Software that does one thing well is more valuable than software that does many things poorly.

3) Affordable – Good online construction management system software can be affordable in a very short time because of its increased productivity.

It is important to verify the price. The majority of online construction management software comes with an annual fee. This is usually based on how many users you have or the projects you have. 

However, affordability is not limited to the price. Productivity is an important measure. Study after study has shown that paper-based and lost information are very expensive.