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Signup Process To Become A Lyft Driver

Looking to make some extra money? Having a car that you are willing to use to encourage strangers around town? If you answered yes to both questions, perhaps it is time you look into driving for Lyft. You can signup here for Lyft. Here's everything you need to know about registering, driving, and make money with Lyft. 

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Here's How To Become Driver Lyft

If you are prepared to drive to Lyft, it is easy to apply. But before you do so, you must meet some basic requirements. 

  1. The first step is to enter your phone number and agree to the Terms of Service.
  2. Once you accept the Terms of Service, you must provide more basic information. 
  3. Once you enter this basic information, you should include information on the type of vehicle you intend to drive with Lyft.
  4. After entering information about your vehicle, you will need to confirm (again) some personal information. In this step, they also ask for your social security number to run a background check on you.
  5. They will also collect information about your driver license (to check your driving record) and your shipping address (so they can send you a copy of your background checks).
  6. On the next screen, you must agree to a background check.
  7. Once you agree to a background check, you have to schedule a time to test your vehicle inspection. During this test, they will verify that your car meets the requirements.
  8. The final step of this process is to upload multiple documents to confirm the information you previously provided is true and accurate.
  9. If Lyft runs into problems with your documents, they will ask you to resubmit them.

After Lyft approves you are driving, they will send you an email to set up a "welcome to ride".