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Some Of The Batman’s Most Important Stories in Comics

Batman is back and bigger than ever. Many new fans have flocked to the adventures of Batman in the new series of films. However, the world of comics can be daunting for newcomers. 


The Killing Joke is widely considered the best Batman story ever written. It was written by Alan Moore, a comics legend, and featured art by Brian Bolland. It is widely regarded as one of the best graphic novels ever published and was also the basis of some of The Dark Knight's storylines. You can also read Batman stories from Detective comic 3.

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This three-volume tale is about Azrael, Batman's protege. He takes over the baton from Bruce Wayne when he's attacked by the evil Bane. Azrael, a new batman goes too far and becomes insane. It is up to Bruce to get back to health and confront him in a clash between the batmen. This is a classic.


Arkham Asylum, A Serious House On Serious Earth is a disturbing piece of graphic literature. It was written by Grant Morrison. Dave McKean illustrated it. It tells the story of the titular asylum inmates as they take over the place and set up a siege. This book has been a huge success since its 1989 release.


The Long Halloween, written by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb, features the Falcone character from Batman Begins. It then follows his story until its comics end. The book also covers in detail the transformation of Batman's enemies from gangsters and mobsters to supervillains.