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The Black Italian Truffles

What exactly does black truffle sea salt taste like? This is one question many people have asked themselves when they walk into a store to buy a slice of chocolate truffle bark. The simple answer is, it tastes like truffle salt. But, in actuality, the salt isn't the dominant flavor, and in fact, most people end up preferring the dark, rich flavor of the truffle over the flavor of the sugar or cream.

What does truffle salt actually taste like? Truffle is a type of mushroom known for its sweet, nutty flavor. In France, truffles were called "mocha", which simply means chocolate. In England, the term was used to refer to a white pudding. So, what does truffle salt actually taste like?

Black truffle salt tastes like chocolate. This is a very common flavor and is created by soaking dry mushrooms in the salty liquid. Afterward, the mushrooms are rolled in a sugary substance and shaped into different shapes. Most often, these truffles are served as an appetizer, but there are those who enjoy the taste so much that they make them a daily treat.

Why do you need to purchase truffle salt? Unlike other forms of salt, real pieces of this type of salt are extremely hard to find. This makes it necessary to purchase this salt from a specialist food shop if you want your kitchen to resemble traditional French cuisine. Otherwise, you may well end up eating fake truffles at mealtime! So, what exactly is the best way to make sure you are enjoying authentic truffles?

Start off by preparing your popcorn. Buy some kettle popcorn, not the tinned kind. In fact, you may be able to find real kernels this way. Pop the popcorn in the kettle until it's almost smoking. Now, grab some truffle salt from the store and sprinkle it over the top of the popcorn. If you like, you can also sprinkle some real butter on the popcorn as well.

Next, prepare your scrambled eggs. When buying your eggs in the supermarket, look for the ones that have a higher fat content. The more fat you add, the better! You should also use high-quality cooking oil if you want your scrambled eggs to come out properly, i.e. they won't be runny.

When your scrambled eggs are done, it's time to spread some black truffle sea salt onto them. Sprinkle in some olive oil, too. When you have both the fat and the oil on the eggs, simply mix them together. Use a rubber spatula to do this.

Now, serve up your beautiful brunch. While your guests are enjoying their morning omelet, sprinkle some more black truffle salt onto the egg. This will help to prevent the eggs from absorbing the excess oil from the tomatoes that you've been adding to the mix.

After the meal is over, remove the black truffle salt from its package and store it in a sealed container. Next, gather up all of your other truffle salts. Now, you can begin your own collection of truffle salts, one of life's little pleasures!

For a quick, delicious meal, use truffle salt and mix it into some sausages. Or, if you prefer, you could just use it on its own, as a seasoning for all of your meals. Another great thing to do with truffle salt is to use it as a complimentary ingredient to your favorite cocktails. Just sprinkle it onto the top of your drink, let it steep for about 2 minutes, and serve it with a little lemon juice or white wine to really take the hint!

Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy this great, salty treat. In fact, it goes great on just about any food, although it goes best with Italian sausages. If you have an Italian cooking blog, you'll find that many recipes include this black truffle salt. So, if you love being in Italy, check out some of the more classic Italian dishes that you can try with it, or use it as a nice addition to your next barbecue.

There are many sources online where you can buy this beautiful salt. However, if you're shopping at a brick-and-mortar shop in your town, I would definitely recommend going to a specialized dealer. Here, you can get to see full product details, including not only the brand name but also the precise amount of black truffles that you'll receive. While some people may feel a little overwhelmed with all of the different types of truffles available, especially those sold in gift shops and department stores, going to a specialty Italian salt dealer ensures that you'll only choose from high-quality, hand-made Italian truffles. You'll also be able to talk to someone personally who will help you figure out which one you'd like to take home after your guests have left. These Italian black truffles are made using real Italian ingredients, so you can rest assured knowing that you're truly eating authentic Italian food, and maybe getting a little bit of Italy with every bite!