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The Dependability Objective of the LED Light Product

The dependability is the capability to provide goods or services to the customers in time. An LED tube wholesaler of high dependability would not cancel the purchase orders or product reservations made by its customers, most probably the retailers.

It would always be able to ship the needed products to the customers on time, and give technical supports as required. To a dependable LED bulb wholesaler, if it cannot meet the customer's needs when an order is placed, the wholesaler would be able to provide an alternative solution.

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 A dependable LED light manufacturer will ship the products and spare parts to the LED lighting wholesalers exactly as promised. Its service center would be well trained to cope with the emergency from the dealers. It also requires the manufacturer can develop new products with the latest technologies, so that the dealers are able to win the market shares.

A dependable retailer would open the shop in predictable opening hours. Most of the time, it would be able to fill the shelves to prevent out of stock of any products. It would have enough staff to work for the customers so that it can keep to reasonable queuing times. The ability of providing enough parking places for the customers is also a key point of dependability.

Most likely the customers may only judge the dependability of an organization after they get the goods or services. For example, if the LED bulb manufacturer fails to deliver goods to the dealers on time as promised, the dealers will most probably place another order.