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The Difference Between Dental Crowns and Implants

Like you would think, crowns are basically covers that are placed on top of damaged teeth to maintain the surface of teeth and provide an appealing appearance. They also aid in supporting surrounding teeth and guard against the effects of gum disease and loss of bone caused by tooth decay. 

Implants are, however, where a metallic bar is inserted into the jawbone. It is joined to it. Then, replacement teeth are fixed to the section of the bar that extends over the bony line. You can also surf the internet to find Crowns on Implants treatment.

If you're tooth decay or missing teeth, which one should you pick? If you're completely missing teeth, then you must have implants fitted. Crowns need at least a portion of dental structure. If you've got any of the teeth remaining it could be the need for an implant or crown.

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Crowns are most effective when a large portion of the original tooth is still there and, in general, when a significant part of your healthy tooth is left then your dentist may recommend you to get crowns rather than an implant.

A crown can be placed over a damaged or decayed tooth; however, the tooth that remains requires other materials, so that the crown will be able to rest. 

Crowns cannot fill in the space left by an empty material like amalgam or composite resin, or in certain cases a core and post could be used to construct the tooth prior to the crown. If a core and post are needed, it's likely that there are enough healthy teeth left to justify using crowns instead of an implant.

What kinds of crowns are available?

Crowns are in essence identical. In contrast to implants, different kinds of procedures or methods for insertion are not available. The crowns are all inserted exactly the same manner and serve the exact identical function. The only difference is the material they are constructed.

The material you choose to use depends on which feature is important to you: mix of durability or color. The most sturdy crowns are certainly metal crowns. They can be made of an alloy of gold or a base metal alloy like palladium or nickel.