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The Difference Between Magic Mushrooms And Magic Truffles

If you ended up here on the Magic Truffle Express website, chances are that you are interested in one of the most special fungi in the world: magic truffles, or sclerotia. And while there is an essential difference between these magic truffles and magic mushrooms, the two are often mentioned in the same breath. 

Shrooms and magic truffles

At first glance, truffles and magic mushrooms in Manitoba seem completely different. That is if you simply look at it. People who know little about these two products probably think that they are completely unrelated. But did you know that both the mushroom and the 'truffle' really just belong to the same organism? Yes, for real! 

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First of all, you have to understand that what we call a magic truffle is not a real truffle. They are actually so-called sclerotia, pieces of compact mycelium. These sclerotia grow underground, beneath the mushroom. 

They actually serve as some kind of food reserve for mushrooms here. It is good to know that not all mushrooms can have sclerotia. Initially, this was found naturally in the species Tampanensis, but now there are many different types of varieties. 

The main differences are actually obvious, given that they are completely different in appearance. Mushrooms are often white mushrooms with a soft and fine structure. In addition, like most mushrooms, they contain a white or colored 'hat'. Magic truffles are nothing like that. They are dark in color, rough and hard – both fresh and dry. 

Another clear difference between these magic mushrooms and truffles is the way they live. Mushrooms rise to the surface of the earth, grow, release spores that fall to the ground, and eventually die.