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The Must-Have Charcoal Grill Accessories

A charcoal grill is an excellent way to add great flavor to your meats and vegetables. There are many accessories for grilling that you can choose from, making it difficult to decide which one is best. Here are the top accessories that every outdoor cook should have.

1. A Chimney starter: This is a handy little tool that allows you to light your charcoal grill using lighter fluid. You will also find it safer, as lighter fluid can contain chemicals that could be transferred to food. Simply place the coals in the canister, and light it. You won't have to wait for the charcoal fire evenly again! You can know more about Napoleon grill accessories at

Napoleon PRO CART Charcoal Kettle Grill

2. Digital Meat Thermometer: Digital thermometers are a must-have tool for grilling meats such as ribs and steaks. It will not be necessary to ask for the cooking time of the meat and it will tell you if it is done. The thermometer is easy to use. Simply place it in the meat, and it will tell you if the temperature is too high or low.

3. A good flipper: Long forks are not recommended when grilling. They can cause the food to become dry and stale. It is important to have a good flipper (sometimes called a spatula). It should be large enough to withstand heat between 300 and 500 degrees.

4. A Vegetable Basket. Grilling shrimp, fish, and vegetables are much easier when you have a vegetable basket. It contains the food so that it doesn't fall through the grill and burn. These baskets are inexpensive and can be used to make new dishes on the grill that you might not have thought of.

You may also enjoy other accessories, such as pizza pans and rotisseries. These essential accessories will make outdoor grilling fun and easy. They also make great gifts for anyone who is just starting out with grilling.