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The Popularity Of Craft Beer Continues In Australia- Here’s why

There have been several trends that have come into vogue over the last few decades and perhaps one of the most significant is the rise of craft brewing. While there have been some very prominent names in the brewing industry over the decades, a selected few have decided to go their way and create the style of beer they were looking for but couldn't find.

It is this adventurous spirit that has taken the craft beer movement to new heights, but as with any trend, there is always hope that there will be ups and downs, and you get the idea. However, for some reason, craft beer has not only managed to stay on the radar but it's also become more popular than ever. 

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Craft Beer: India's craft beer craze is a blessing for Australia - The Economic Times

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Here are some possible reasons why craft beer become so popular.

Evaluation of the brewing process – Brewing has a very, very long tradition. When you consider how few ingredients are needed to make beer, it's amazing how diverse the brewers are. It's about experimenting with different materials and trying again and again to find the right combination. 

Trying to learn more about the ingredients – There's a lot more experience for people to know where their food comes from, which is kind of refreshing. Part of this has to do with the general desire to know what they are consuming, as many choose to eliminate overly processed foods. 

They also pay more attention to their children's eating problems and allergies. With craft beer, you know what you're getting and it's nice to know you can pronounce every ingredient.

The "Food Revolution" – Most people who call themselves "foodies" tend to focus on the idea that they take food very seriously. They want to know the history of their food, the origin of the ingredients in their dishes, and are fascinated by mastering the centuries-old process of food preparation. A great by-product of this food revolution is applying the same principles to beer production.

The craft beer and craft beer process involves using quality ingredients to produce a finished product in relatively small quantities that prioritizes great taste over mass production.