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Tips For Successful Marijuana Cloning

Marijuana cloning is difficult to learn and requires dedication and attention to detail. Instead of planting successful clones in your garden, follow a few basic cloning rules to get newer and better cannabis. Let’s discuss the steps in cloning cannabis plants:

Humidity: cannabis cuttings grow well in the first few days under high humidity conditions. If you clone cannabis in a dry atmosphere, you can use a dome of humidity for the first few days.

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The humidity of the dome allows it to reach 80-100% moisture content. After the first three days, remove the dome two hours a day. Then slowly increase the amount of time you expose cloned pieces to the surrounding air.

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Temperature: One of the most important factors in cloning and the key to getting the right temperature is consistency. Keep in mind that constant temperature slows down the rooting process and reduces the success rate.

If the atmospheric temperature is too low, cannabis slices are included in the suspended animation. They will look healthy for weeks, but they never take root and eventually die.

You can buy an immersion tank to cut airport clones. Too hot temperatures also affect cannabis cloning. Very high temperatures cause cuttings to fade or rot. To maintain temperatures at normal levels, install fans and coolers in the grow room during cloning.

You can also move your cutting station to a more desired location, e.g. in the basement. If the water temperature in the airport clone is too warm, try turning it on and off the pump using the cycle timer.

Light: You don’t need high-voltage lights to clone cannabis. Compact neon lights are ideal for cloning. Perform a 24-hour light cycle until your cuttings have a RootFind item. Then you can rely on natural light to grow cannabis.

Clone Plant Care: It is recommended to clone twice as many plants as you actually need for a failed clone cycle. Cut the plant well and balance all physical factors. This gives you healthier and fuller weeds.