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Use Of CO2 For Cloning

Regardless of the cloning method used, many cannabis farmers use CO2 in the cloning phase. The main benefits of adding CO2 to the cloning stage are faster root insertion, reduced sweating, and increased resistance to pathogenic fungi, fungi, and bacteria.

There are several ways to provide a branch of cannabis CO2. If you use a tank or a compressed CO2 burner, the manufacturer must monitor CO2 levels to ensure that they are inspected. You can also visit to get marijuana clones.

For the cloning step, CO2 values between 1000 and 1300 ppm must be maximum. These values can be counterproductive because the oxygen available is replaced by CO2. Roots (or potential roots) need oxygen to grow and develop. The use of CO2 bags is another alternative.

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The cloning experience is the best way for marijuana makers to create a timeless garden. By selecting healthy and vital mother plants from which cuttings are taken, breeders only increase their chances of success in cloning.

Regardless of whether the manufacturer uses basic methods such as water dome propagation plates or more complex methods such as cloning machines, great attention must be paid to the cloning media.

In other words, the most important factor in successful cloning is temperature and humidity in the early stages of root formation.

With the help of root hormones and appropriate weather conditions, branches must develop roots after about one week. Farmers who use CO2 in the cloning phase can even have clones that develop roots in just a few days.