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Uses of a Food Tent and Custom Canopy

There are two things that come to mind when food tents are brought up, you either think about the little miniature tents that go over individual plates that are used to keep the flies out of your beans, or you think of the less popular food tent, the type of concession stand you see at the farmer's market. Both of these tents are useful but the one in particular that I'm writing about is the tents found at the county fair.

You know the type; these food tents usually have that friendly carnival worker, who might be missing a couple of central incisors but has the best corn dogs in town. If you are cruising around a county fair or traveling carnival not much goes into the food tents that seem too ubiquitous, but there is a whole business behind these canopies, not only the business that you see, but the business that goes into manufacturing these concessions stands.

If you are looking for one of the great carnival attractions, know that you have several exclusive options available. One of your first considerations is if you want to go with a custom or standard tent, the second thing to consider is size and portability. The good news is that these tents can be made to your specifications. You can order a custom canopy tent from

Your standard tent size is 10×10, with a pyramidal top and the dimensions tend to increase from there, but you'll need to consider the logistics associated with your location and the location of your event. In terms of portability, custom aluminum awnings are hard to beat, lightweight, and extremely durable, and they are priced well in comparison to other materials.

Let's say you care about aesthetics and want to attract customers to your door, and you decide that a custom awning is higher up your aisle. You can place your logo on the outside of a lattice wall or on a pyramid-shaped roof. Regardless of what graphic you choose for your tent be prepared to pay a little bit more. The process of getting your graphic to the canopy material is extensive, and a standard 10×10 custom canopy can run up to $1000; it's important you speak with a specialist and contact somebody with experience in these matters.