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Ways Physical Therapy Can Help In Spokane

Anyone who struggles with chronic pain or range of motion issues might benefit from physical therapy. A physician might recommend this treatment plan to help a patient recover from an injury or some medical condition.

Your physiotherapy can teach you pain management techniques, as well as how to improve flexibility and range of motion.

Independent Movement

Aging often causes problems with independence. The therapist can help elderly patients with independent movement to give a person more autonomy. Part of this type of treatment also includes screening people for fall risk to determine if they are at high risk of falling at home. There are many reliable therapists are available that provide the best movement therapy in Spokane.

If it is determined that the patient is at increased risk, the healthcare professional can offer specific exercises to help build strength and coordination.

Pain therapy

Many people suffer from persistent pain problems that interfere with their daily activities. Instead of using drugs for various types of pain relief, physical therapy can be an effective way to treat ailments.

The therapist can offer the patient exercises that target specific muscle groups and joints. Performing these exercises can build strength and flexibility, which can reduce pain. This type of treatment can also include electrical stimulation aimed at specific muscle groups, which often helps relieve discomfort.

Improved mobility

Anyone struggling with mobility issues may benefit from physical therapy. This treatment can help people build the strength to stand, walk, and move. Targeted exercises stretch and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve coordination.

When the patient needs to perform certain movements, e.g., moving from a bed to a wheelchair or using a walker, these types of therapy can teach skills and help build strength.