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What Are The Benefits Of Having An AWS Certification?

Cloud has enveloped every aspect of the IT infrastructure over the past few years. It has also matured considerably, making cloud computing the beating heart of corporations. Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) owns the lion’s share in the cloud services market.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Computing Certification


Get AWS Certified: Associate Challenge

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  • The future belongs to the cloud: Microsoft Azure started in 2010 and continues to grow. However, it only controls 18% of the total market share. AWS is ubiquitous and can even be classified as an industry of its own. With a certificate, you are sure to stand out from the rest and open up various opportunities for you.
  • Validation of your skills and recognition of your efforts: AWS Certification helps identify the potential and talent of certified professionals. The main advantage of this introduction is the digital ID card. Certified professionals receive a digital badge that represents their certification achievement.
  • More opportunities: Earning an AWS certificate is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the industry. Based on the certification, prospective employers can assess the applicant’s professional competencies and core competencies.

• Simply put, an AWS Certification is similar to getting a driver’s license. This will allow you to drive legally, but your experience and driving skills will make you a good driver. Similarly, AWS certification acts as a step but helps employers isolate qualified and technically talented professionals from the crowd.