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What Does No-Fault Divorce Mean?

Filing for divorce has never been easy. Divorce does not only mean breaking off a marriage, it also means property division, alimony, and custody, if a child is involved. 

To file for dissolution of marriage, specific grounds need to be met. Each state has each specific regulations for a person to be granted a divorce, whether the state allows fault divorce or no-fault divorce. You can get the best no-fault divorce services via

No-Fault Divorce Laws: Should We Do Away With Them?

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What is Fault Divorce?

It was more difficult to get divorce proceedings through the courts in the past because the divorce process was governed by the state of fault. In order to dissolve a marriage, one party must prove the other's guilt and state the reason. Particular grounds are required in states that require a divorce on the basis of fault.

  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • Intention to be held in prison or the commission of a felony by any of the parties
  • Abandonment of a long time

You will need to prove the grounds in each state. It doesn't matter where you live or what grounds you choose, you must prove that ground.

No-Fault Divorce

Many states allow no-fault divorce. This arrangement allows either spouse to file for divorce, even if there is no fault in the marriage. One party can file for a no-fault divorce by stating a reason that was recognized by the state in which the couple resided.