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What is a Telegram Chatbot? Why use a Telegram Chatbot?

As the name suggests, a Telegram chatbot is a chatbot that lives on the telegram platform and facilitates automated conversations between a human and a computer through the Telegram app.

The chatbot functions just like a human being with whom you are chatting using Telegram, with the only difference being that the responses are canned and you might get the same response for similar questions.

Why use a Telegram Chatbot?

If a large percentage of your target audience is active on Telegram, then it only makes sense to use the platform to provide better customer engagement using chatbots. Chatbots can give replies to common queries within seconds, rather than days. You can also find different bots for telegram through

Telegram is considered to be one of the most secure messaging platforms out there, thanks to its end-to-end encryption. This means customers will feel more secure dealing with a Telegram Chatbot than say, a human agent. 

Telegram is available on Android, iOS, Windows, desktop apps and also has a web version. This platform-agnostic feature of Telegram makes a strong case for creating a Telegram chatbot for your customers who may be using different devices.

How does a Telegram Chatbot work?

Just like a normal person, a Telegram chatbot first analyzes what the user is asking for and then tries to give a response it feels best suits the situation. For example, imagine chatting with a Telegram bot of a restaurant. 

If you ask the question, “Can I see the menu, please?”, the bot understands the word “menu” and returns the Menu to the user. While there may be a lot of programming magic behind all this and we may be over-simplifying things, this is the gist of how a Telegram chatbot works.